Easy Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer is the season of showing off some extra skin, which also means knowing the best summer skin care tips. These keep your skin looking stunning whether you’re at the beach or having a fun BBQ with family and friends.

The right mix of summer skin care products makes taking care of your skin while you’re having fun in the sun much easier. All it takes is a simple summer skin care routine and you’re all set.

Use Self Tanner Instead Of Sunbathing

The days of sitting around, letting the sun bake your skin are over. In fact, it’s actually dangerous. Natural tanning in the sun has been proven to cause premature aging, increase your risk of skin cancer and even damage your eyes. Outside of sunburn, you might not notice any major issues until several years after the damage is done.

Even indoor tanning isn’t really safe. It can increase your risk for melanoma by almost 60%. That’s why self-tanning or tinted lotions are the perfect option. You pick the shade you want, apply an even coat and enjoy moisturized skin with a gorgeous summer tan. All of this without any risks. Plus, these can last around 10 days. 

Protect Yourself With SPF

One of the single most important summer skin care tips to remember is always use SPF. Some tinted tanning lotions actually include SPF. But, if they don’t, always pick a product that’s at least SPF 15 and use it every few hours when outside, or as directed. The FDA recommends a minimum of SPF 15, but the ADA recommends at least SPF 30.

Most SPF lotions and creams meant for your body aren’t right for your face. They clog up your pores and leave you with acne versus clear, beautiful skin. So, instead, use something made for your face, such as Olay Face Sunscreen + Shine Control SPF 35 or Garnier SkinActive SPF 30 Face Moisturizer with Vitamin C. Use one of these over your regular moisturizer for protection from the sun along with getting softer, supple skin.

Soothe Sunburn Quickly

A great sunscreen helps reduce the risk of sunburn, sometimes, you still get burned. As part of your summer skin care routine, keep an aloe vera based sunburn treatment on hand. This is a vital ingredient in helping soothe and heal sunburn. Ingredients like manuka honey and CBD also help. 

The quicker you treat sunburn, the less chance you’ll have of any lasting skin damage. Plus, you can help prevent the pain and pesky peeling.

Opt For Gentle Exfoliation

The summer sun and heat can make even the driest skin oily. All that sweat builds up in pores, leaving skin looking dull. While exfoliating sounds like a great idea to keep things clean, go easy on your skin. Your face needs some oil to maintain a healthy appearance. 

Use a silicone-based cleansing device to very gently exfoliate without damaging or stripping the skin of what it needs. Both manual and powered devices work great.

Use Lightweight Summer Skin Care Products

Summer skin care tips usually differ from winter skin care in one major area – the amount of moisture your skin needs. Cold weather dries out your skin faster than it does in the summer heat. Skip your thicker facial moisturizer and foundation during the summer months.

Instead, use lightweight formulas. Gels and whipped creams provide ample moisture without making your skin oily. Plus, it leaves your pores clearer. 

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