How To Style Your Hair for a Romantic Date

Whether it’s another night out with your partner, a first-time meet, or a romantic celebration, getting ready for a date is almost always the best part of the night. But, picking how to style your hair can be a major stress point. With so many styles and options to pick from it can be hard to choose.

That’s why we’ve outlined some of the most romantic styles you’ll want to rock for your next date night in the article below.

Sleek and Straight

Streamlined strands are in. And, for good reason. This eye-catching style is easy to re-create and simple to achieve. For a look like this, be sure to have a flat iron handy and use a high-shine finishing product. Both of these will fight away frizz to give you a sleek and polished look.

Chunky Fishtail

For effortlessly sexy hair, consider a single chunky fishtail braid. Not only does this style frame the face beautifully, but it helps to keep stands from falling. Making it the perfect date night look for those that want minimum fuss with high impact.

Piled High

There’s a common misconception that sexy styles require your hair to be worn down. But that’s the old way of thinking. Buns (especially high ones) can be sexy too. For this style, simply pile the hair high on top of your head. Depending on how you feel, it can be as messy or ‘clean’ as you’d like. Keep in mind this look is also perfect for ladies with thicker hair as it will easily hold its form. For others, a mesh donut form can easily add a little lift to it.

Long, Loose Waves

To achieve a quintessentially ‘sexy’ look, you’ll want to style your hair with long, loose waves. The only advice for this style is not to put too much effort into achieving the ‘perfect’ curl. For loose waves, make sure the curl is not too tightly bound or coiled. Even try using fingers to tousle the hair which will make it seem more natural.

Voluminous Pony

For those questioning this look, note that a pony can be sexy too! For an elegant look, be sure to style the hair into waves before gathering. For even more drama, consider adding a hair clip under the top section of the pony to add thickness. Just be sure to keep strays in place with hidden bobby pins and a strong hairspray (or hair gel).

Brushed Back Hair

Another simple yet elegant style that is trending right now is brushed back hair. This no-part hairstyle simply requires you to straighten the hair and brush it all back leaving it partless. Depending on how much hold you’d want, finish off the look with a strong spray or gel to keep it set all night long.

Although styling hair can be tough, we hope our picks for romantic styles make it easier. All these ideas offer simple, stylish, and effortlessly sexy looks that are guaranteed to get your date’s heart pumping.

So, if you’re interested in any of these romantic styles consider checking out what we have to offer. Not only do we have all the hair care products you’ll need, but we have plenty of unexpected things that can make your date night look unforgettable.