7 Items That Need to Be in Your Beauty Bag

There’s no need for makeup bags to be overflowing. We’ve curated the ultimate list of essential products so you can just take what you need. Keep reading to see 7 beauty bag must-haves so you’ll never be without what you need for the perfect look. 

1. Tinted Moisturizer

A good facial moisturizer is critical to keep skin looking plump and glowing. It does this by preventing the skin from getting irritated and keeping it from looking dry, cracked, and dull. We suggest elevating your everyday moisturizer with a tinted one since it gives subtle coverage that makes for a great two-in-one product.

2. Sunscreen

There’s no secret about it – sunscreen is important for your skin. It’s a vital part of keeping it healthy and preventing short and long-term damage (like burns and cancer). For this reason, it makes our list of must-have beauty bag items. Just be sure to put it on after your moisturizer (every day and regardless of the weather) because you don’t want anything to interfere with its penetration.

3. Lip Balm

Another beauty bag must-have is lip balm. This quintessential beauty item is needed to saturate the lips with moisture and ease any pain caused by dryness or cracks. Leaving you with soft, subtle lips regardless of the season.

4. Mascara

No beauty bag is complete without a trusted mascara. A classic black mascara is on our list as it instantly transforms a look by defining the eyes. For quick glamor keep an ultra-black shade handy and apply lots of light layers by wiggling the mascara wand into the roots of the lashes.

5. A Brow Gel

If you’re in a pinch to get out the door, the one product you will want to wear is brow gel. After all, groomed brows can really help to frame a face. For this instant appearance boost, consider picking a tinted brow gel. Simply comb the hair upwards and you’re all set.

6. A Bold Lipstick

A bold, statement lipstick is a great addition to any beauty bag. It can transform your complexion and make you feel more confident. This item is a great pick for women on the go who need makeup that can transform a look from day to night. Of course, you should keep a color that you feel comfortable with, but some common must-haves are pink, red, or deep purple.

7. Eyeshadow Compact

A small, neutral eyeshadow palette is another beauty bag must-have. This versatile item is all you really need to make your eyes pop. These shades should be ones that are complementary to your complexion and something that you will wear every day. Consider getting a palette with three or four shades. That way, you have a base shade, a lighter one to highlight, and a darker one to define the eyes.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of what you have in your beauty bag, the 7 items we’ve listed are essential to your everyday look. For more information on what’s in our bags and what products you should use, consider contacting a member of our team today.